A blog? wtf!

Those of you who know me, might be a bit surprised that I’ve decided to start a “blog”. In fact, my stated opinion about blogs was that they are a useless, redundant medium, that helps fill the web with even more crap.

My negative view on blogs stems mainly from one fact: Most blogs, are used as a medium for computer-illiterate people (read: who couldn’t otherwise write a web page), to express a torrent of irrelevant opinions, random bits of personal news, etc. Indeed, this article by maddox summarizes my thoughts accurately.

However, lately, I seem to keep bumping into actually interesting blogs. Blogs, that contain bits and pieces of knowledge, insight, and useful ideas. I figure that the “trendy-blog craze” seems to have subsided a bit, and people who used to maintain blogs for the “coolness” factor, and as a meaningless communication outlet migrated to other retarded communities such as “the facebook”.

The last strand that used to hold me away from blogs, is the notion that “I don’t need no stinking canned php/mysql setup, just to write a couple of articles”. Which is true, but as the mtime of my web page keeps creeping to the distant past, I wonder if a blog would fare better in the end. The medium seems to favor small bits of text, and can be used as a scrapbook of information, instead of having to sit down and write complete articles, as I would generally opt to put on my web page.

So here we go, this was the first post, and the last non-technical opinion post you’re going to see here. I plan to use this blog as a place to post random bits of information, knowledge, or ideas, that have to do with computer programming, free software, and mostly their intersection.

P.S. the first person to call me “a blogger” wins a free kick in the nuts.

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6 Responses to “A blog? wtf!”

  1. tHOM! Says:

    muahahah ! Nuclear has a blog .. what’s up mate ? I thought you didn’t want to contribute to the web pollution ? ;-)

    Cheers !

  2. tHOM! Says:

    I forgot something !


    To the B
    To the L
    To the O
    To the G
    To the G
    To the E
    To the R

    Yeah !

  3. Nuclear Says:

    We have a winner! The gentleman at the back.
    Please collect your free kick in the nuts next time you come to greece :)

  4. zafos Says:

    drop your bloggies sir William i cannot wait till lunch time!zafos

  5. aiRness Says:

    The god damn plane has crashed into the mountain!

  6. Xtapodi_Kataifi Says:

    Wonder if after being too bored to log in IRC i will be watching blogs of all the people there? :p Cheers at your attempt to ‘fill the web with even more crap’ maybe i’ll come from time to time and help the accumulation.

    Btw i might come to your presentation from where i found this blog, till then hf blogging >:D

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