Kernel Development from Scratch

I’ve started a series of articles for the new Greek magazine: Linux Inside. The articles aim to introduce the reader to kernel development, by starting from scratch and building up a small working kernel.

The first issue of Linux Inside, which should be available by now, includes the first part of the series which covers setting up the development tools for compiling and running the kernel both on the real machine and in a simulator, bootstrapping with multiboot boot loaders, and text output by driving the VGA in text mode.

For obvious reasons the full source code supplementing each article could not fit in the pages of the magazine, only the most relevant snippets are included. So make sure to follow the URL at the start of the article to download the full source code and have it handy while you read. The source code for the first article can be found here.

So go grab a copy of the Linux Inside magazine and let me know what you think. Each article will also contain exercises for the readers, so have a go at them and send me your code! I’ll try to include it in the next issue.

Oh and of course each article will be released under a free license (I’m thinking either GNU FDL or CC BY-SA) when each issue goes out of circulation.

edit: Just made a website for the series.

4 Responses to “Kernel Development from Scratch”

  1. Eleftherios Kosmas Says:

    Way to go mate. Great work and a really great article, sounds quite interesting I hope I will give it a try someday!

  2. Nick Kossifidis Says:

    Congratulations man, keep up the good work ;-)

  3. Jonathan Sacramento Says:

    So do they have an English version by any chance? ;) Good to see you doing some kernel stuff…!

    • Nuclear Says:

      No, it’s in Greek at the moment I’m afraid. I have a vague plan to also make an English version when it’s time to release it online, but that will depend on how lazy I’m going to be then :)

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