I’m John Tsiombikas (Γιάννης Τσιομπίκας in greek), and this is a blog about my hacks, my articles, my projects, and whatever comes to mind about technical stuff.

Alternate spelling of my name (adding it for google’s sake): Tsiompikas.

My regular web page: http://nuclear.mutantstargoat.com
My videos at youtube.
email: nuclear@member.fsf.org

I keep making lists of my projects, and they always become out of date before you blink, so instead here’s a list of places I generally put my projects in:
My projects at github.
My projects at googlecode.
My projects at sourceforge.
My personal mercurial repositories.
My old personal subversion repository (unlikely to be used again in the future).

You can find me on IRC:
GRnet: #demo-gr, and #gnu

I urge you to support the Free Software Foundation, by becoming an associate member!
[FSF Associate Member]

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Vasilis Kospanos Says:

    FAO Tsiombikas

    eisai Londino re???vrhke o savvinidis to twitter sou-einai sto cambridge autos alla egw londino edw kai xronia.pou eisai, ti zwnh, TI KANEIS????na kanonisoume na vre8ume re “egine”…a re tsiombika hrwa!!!

  2. Jonathan Sacramento Says:

    update your blog… blogger! ;)

    • Nuclear Says:

      In due time… When I have something interesting to write about. I’m not a fan of blogs reporting trivia like “what I had for dinner” etc. :)

  3. deviker Says:

    I’ve a serial spaceball and a wacom and your code was very usefull, now I’m testing your webcam tracking code, thanks.

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