Automatic Class Diagram Generation

Some time ago, I needed a widget toolkit that would be able to draw widgets in an existing OpenGL window. However, I also needed it to be independent of the underlying graphics library, or event system, so I could use it in conjunction to both OpenGL, and another nameless 3D graphics API, that I was forced to use at the time for reasons I won’t go into right now. Anyhow, to cut the long story short, I started writing one such toolkit from scratch.

I opted for a fully object-oriented design, such as I rarely do lately, because OOP really makes sense for widget toolkits, and used C++ for the implementation.

Before long, I wanted to show what I was doing, to the rest of the team working on the project, for which I was writing the toolkit. And decided I should visualize the class hierarchy, as a quick overview of the widgets and their relations.
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A blog? wtf!

Those of you who know me, might be a bit surprised that I’ve decided to start a “blog”. In fact, my stated opinion about blogs was that they are a useless, redundant medium, that helps fill the web with even more crap.
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